Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Congratulations to our New Certified I.P.T. Physician, Dr. Birgit Bender

 Dr.Donato Perez Garcia and Dr. Birgit Bender 2014
Hospital Angeles Tijuana

Congratulations to our New Certified I.P.T. Physician, Dr. Birgit Bender, in completing her training and certification with Dr. Donato Pérez García, Tijuana-Mexico, December 2014.

You can also train to be a Certified I.P.T. Physician, visit:

For the certification of a future I.P.T. candidate, trained and evaluated by Donato Pérez García, M.D., he/she must have at least 5 years experience as a Licensed Medical Doctor. Theoretical and Practical Training and a thorough evaluation and supervision by Dr. Donato to certify the next I.P.T.

Physician is Competent in:

1) Patient Care and Procedural Skills.
2) Demonstration of competence in medical knowledge relevant to Insulin Potentiation Therapy.  Observing the candidate's ability to explain indications, counter indications, methods for preparing the patient, chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy drug indications and side effects, pain management, proper techniques for handling and obtaining specimens and fluids.
3) Practice and Improvement learning Skills.
4) Good Interpersonal and communication learning skills with patients; ability to clearly explain to a patient, the facets of the procedure, necessary to obtain information for consent.
5) Ethic and Professionalism.

For more information on IPT Certification, write:

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